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Isn't it wonderful if you can get light without any fuel. This may solve the lighting & wiring problem of the whole world. Here we have a place where one lamp was lit in 1979 by a poor lady,since then, these three lamp never stopped burning for months, two more lamps were lit next to the first lamp by the same old lady with very little oil. Since then these three lamps have been burning without any additional fuel. Isn't it challenging! You can sit next to the lamp as long as you want to solve this mystery & if you solve, it may be solution for all energy crisis.

Wonder Lamp
Yanna-Lime Stone Formation
YANNA-Limestone formation

Beautiful rare and interesting limestone formation created by nature.This big hill consists of many hills of extra ordinary shape with artistic touch created by nature. Bhairveshwara is the highest peak (120 mtrs). The local legend says, yanNa is a hill of ash or black dust. They believe the Bhasmasura was burnt here by Mohini and formed this black dust mountain, in fact the dust here does resembles ash.


Cultural Events:

India is different every 100 miles as most of the foreigners say. Hot and cold weather, Barren & Fertile, Peaks,Valleys and Plain land, Rich & poor, Beautiful & very beautiful people. You name it, the country has always some thing new to offer. In the same way the culture & language also changes from place to place. We have a lot to offer in the area of local culture especially Dakshina Kannada District. This includes Buffalo Race, Fish Hunting, Fire Fight, Spirit Worship, Mass Poccession, Serpent worship, Astrology etc which can hardly be found anywhere else in the world.


During winter the quiet villages of Dakshina Kannada comes alive with hectic preparation for Kambala or the Buffalo Race. These races which started as a royal past time,was later continued by the landlords who reared their best animals and took pride in winning the competition. The race takes place on a muddy track adjoining to the rice fields where thousands of villagers congregate to witness the colorful sport. A frenzied crowd cheers the participant who causes the biggest splash that touches the cloth banner slung across the track at height of five meters. This is the most popular sport of winter season. From middle of November to 1st week of March & mostly on weekends.

Baffalo Racing.


In the district of South Kanara Bootha cult comprises of a complex system of beliefs & rituals, musical dialogues & dances. Rituals & performing arts blend here harmoniously, spirits are worshipped in small shrines of modest architecture, special masks, weapons & other articles of worship are kept here.There is evidence to believe that the Bootha cult is over 2000 years old.

This is another kind of Spirit Worship. In Bootha Kola only the priest gets possessed & in mass possession the people who had taken the vow to participate in the annual ritual too will get possessed. This is a very unique and interesting festival. Sometimes people who have problems ask the Spirit for solutions & the solution is generally given by the spirit.


The Naga Serpent has a very special place in Hindu mythology. Dakshina Kannada is one of the place where you can see many Naga shrines. During this ritual every visitor is given lunch. The decorations & the dance of the priest is very very unique.


This takes place in the night in the temple out of 300 participants, 2 groups are formed. Both the sides throw fire sticks at each other with such special skills that no one gets hurt. The sight of fire sticks flying in the dark is mind blowing.


Once a year thousands of people take part in this Fish hunting festival. The visitors if interested can also take part. The season for the Cultural event is mainly winter.That is November to mid March. Some are performed only once a year so if you are just coming for a particular event, please clarify about the happening time of the event.

River Sauparnika


Enjoy boating on the River Sauparnika for an hour and watch the birds, depends on the season. Later in the evening Barbecue will be arranged in Ottinene Kshitija Dama which is on the hill right above the Byndoor Beach. It has a safe & clean beach for swimmers which is just around 200 steps below the hill.This place is known for its sunset view. This is a marvelous place with hill, sea and sea shore view.

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