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The ancient ruins at the lost city of Pepper Queen:
The Lost City Of The Pepper Queen
.     The best and the most famous Queen Channa Bhairavi Devi of Jain religion ruled the Selva kingdom few centuries ago. Her kingdom was known for forest produce and spice, especially pepper all over the trading world.  So she was known as PEPPER QUEEN. Forest produce being the main income, she  built her capital in the middle of the forest on an island, called 'BASADI'. It had over 70 Basadis (Jain Temple),of which you can see only ruins now.

We  take you  to the  island either by boat or by  road and for those  who would  like to  discover the place, we  can arrange for camping on the island. The legend says there was Dravarasa well in which if you dip iron, it will turnout to be Gold.  Again  the story  says the  focal  point of the fish eye which is carried  on the Chaturmukha Basadi supposed to show the exact place where Dravarasa well is situated.
"Come Discover the Ancient Ruins at the Lost City of Pepper Queen  with Indiana Soans & get the thrill of your life boating against current."

Jeep safari to Western Ghats

For those who would like to enjoy the open spaces and feel the thrill of living close to nature, we arrange nature safari in rugged vehicles. If you are lucky you can encounter wild life too. This region is a home to a variety of flora and fauna. In this vast land you will be able to experience the sounds, sights & exhilarations of a South Indian jungle- unchanged since time immemorial.
    Start in the morning from the hotel. Have lunch at Aane jaro camp or Heggen island.Visit to Kollur temple, stop over at camping site. Walk to Survajna Peeta to watch the sunset.Night barbecue & camp fire. Early morning visit to sunrise hill. Have a breakfast. These who are reaching for tough path, can walk down to Moola Teerta where Shankarachari meditated.
Start back after lunch. Visit Harekrishna camp at the base of the mountain & then back to Kundapur.

Note: This whole safari takes 2 days. There will not be any luxury accomodation available. The participants may have to manage in the PWD guest house or in tent, or may be in nature. Most of the food will be carried from the starting point.

Bubbling Pond:

   At the foot of the Western Ghats, there is a small pond that repsonds to sound. Everytime you make a sound such as clapping, the pond starts bubbling.

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