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Create your own package to suit your tastes from the destinations we offer you:

Jamalabad Fort:

    This is a fort built by Tippu Sultan in 1794. It is at a height of 1788 feet from MSL. As there is tedious walking, we recommend this only to those who have done trekking before.


Murudeshwara the beach temple & Nethrani Island:
    The history of this place is linked with Gokarna when Ravana was carrying Athmanlinga from Kailasa, he stops at Gokarna for Sandya Vandana. As God didn't want the Athmanlinga to reach Lanka, they sent Ganapathi as a boy. Without knowing this Ravana asks the boy to hold the linga till he finishes his prayer & starts his prayers. The Athmalinga was given on one condition that it would not be kept on the ground & if kept, he would not be able to take it anywhere. The boy keeps the linga on the ground & the linga gets routed in earth.

Coastal Karnataka

As Ravana could not pull it out, he gets angry and throws the material covering the linga. This material falls in five places and five lingas appeared in each of these places. Legend says Murudeshwara is the place where the wrapping cloth fell. It is one of the most famous beach temple with restaurants, guest houses & beautiful garden. From here we arrange visits to NETHRANI ISLAND.


Experience the agricultural world of our country at SOANS FARMS which was started in1928 as a coconut garden ,slowly pineapple became the major crop due to shortage of water.Today even with watershortage, the farm continues to successfully grow more than five hundred varieties of plants and trees which have both commercial and ornamental value For more information visit www.moodabidri.com/soans/index.html.


Do you remember when your grandfather magically pinpointed the source of water with a forked stick. This is not just limited to water.
The other application include dowsing for minerals, electromagnetic fields, noxious rays, geopathic zones, hidden treasure etc.  We can arrange dowsing classes with Dr Soans and his associates for a group with a minimum of fifteen people.

Morning leave Kundapur visit Gomateshwara in Karkala. Then visit to Soans farms. After lunch visit 1000 pillar temple [Jain Basadi] & other Jain monuments in Moodbidri. Evening back to Kundapur.



Honey Resort:
The beauty of this resort is that, it is difficult to access and in a remote place. It is situated in Western Ghats in the middle of a coffee estate away from all the modern amenities. The crops around these area is Coffee, rice , oranges,cardamom pepper & other spices. The day treks in the wilderness the forest & to near by hills can be arranged for keen walkers.

Cycling Route

click here to get the route map of cycling.

Cycling around the country side:
Meet the Indians who are not exposed to tourists & feel the real village life of India. In India, the culture, habits, beliefs, superstitions, rituals, religion changes from place to place. To know the real India, you must mingle with the local people. We arrange cycling trail for avid cyclists who would like to explore the countryside. On the trial, you can also visit any one of the small scale industry on the cycling trail.